80'Z Enuff

80’Z Enuff, “The Kings of 80’s Retro”, was spawned in the summer of 2002 by Shannon Gilbert and Nathan Blankenship . By assembling time-proven material, talent and ideas an entertainment act rapidly unfolded that would push the envelope of the retro 80’s market.

Shannon Gilbert, the immediate past frontman, vocalist and lead guitarist of The Breakfast Club and Nathan Blankenship, the immediate past vocalist and bassist of The Breakfast Club saw the potential of leaving the premiere 80’s cover band to turn a good 80’s act into a GREAT RETRO 80’s SHOW! Chuck Barchuck, a drumming prodigy from Raleigh, and Jim Mayberry, a virtuoso vocalist/guitarist from Mount Airy were recruited and 80’Z Enuff was formed.

What makes 80’Z Enuff different than the other 80’s bands in the market? Simply put, in addition to performing the traditional “European” 80’s hits, 80’Z Enuff also incorporates some “hair-band” rock, some Journey mega-hits and sometimes even a country sing-along medley that keeps the crowd going all night long, wondering what they’ll hear next. If you want professional seasoned performers, and would rather give your clients a “GREAT 80’z SHOW” instead of a “just another 80’s band“, then 80’Z Enuff is the act for you.
Musical Styles:
»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety
»  Classic Rock, Roots Rock, Jam Band
»  80s Pop, 90s Alternative, Modern Rock
»  Decade, Tribute, Novelty Acts