Beth Chorneau

A native of Manhattan Beach California, Beth Chorneau started singing in her fathers band at age thirteen in the club circuit around the Los Angeles area. A student of voice, guitar, and ballet, she was on an early quest to find her place in the world of music and expression. "I can remember being really young walking through downtown LA with David Benoit. We had a gig in this theater in Hollywood I believe it was. We were fearless back then".

As life would have it, Beth found herself leaving southern California, bound for the east coast where she finally settled in North Carolina. A place so far removed from anything she was used to, yet, the art scene was vibrant and it wasn't long before the music scene welcomed her with open arms. "Charlotte was all the things that I wasn't used to; humidity, mosquitoes, and I could sing seven days a week if I wanted to. It was wonderful ".

Just as things were going her way, to say the least, life took her by surprise once again. She awakened on her birthday to discover she had lost her sight. Beth had contracted Multiple Sclerosis. "It was terrifying! I remember having to perform and holding on to the mic stand for dear life just to have a sense of being grounded. All the things one takes for granted; driving, reading, watching television, walking by yourself, were taken from me. Thank God I still had my music". After test after test, taking this drug and that, the doctors didn't give much hope that her sight would ever return. Though frightened and disillusioned Beth found no other alternative but to go on her own quest for recovery. After searching and researching, and searching some more, Beth found what would prove to be her answer. Beth sought out a man in the foothills of the mountains of North Carolina. A Cherokee Indian medicine man by the name of Chief Two Trees. It was there that she found her way back. It was through the old ways of the Cherokee that brought her sight back. And quickly. The doctors were amazed. " It's all about the search, getting inside yourself and figuring out what's best for you. It's so easy to fall victim to the things we learn to trust ". Beth to this day wears no corrective eye wear.

Now back on top Beth gets a call from a theater company asking her to star in a play by Andrew Lloyd Weber entitled A SONG AND DANCE. Not only was something of this nature new ground for her, but the first hour of the play was to be a solo performance. She accepted and performed to sell out audiences and rave reviews. "After what I've been through, I just wanted to see if I could do it, and you know what.....I did it, but guess what..... I'll never do it again ".

With a full career to date playing Jazz festivals across the country, and a discography of six solo recordings, Beth shows no signs of slowing down. With the release of her new recording SLIVER OF TIME, due out in the spring of 2004, things are beginning to heat up once again. Be it a smoke filled urban Jazz club, or a festival in the high desert of California, Beth's voice is infectious to people from eight to eighty. To hear Beth is to be a fan for life. "Singing brings me joy, and I think others pick up on that as well". To quote a line from one of the forth coming songs NIAGARA FALLS; "It's always there...just like my faith.....it's always there".
Musical Style:
»  Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Classical