The Fantastic Shakers

The third week of September, 1978, was marked the beginning of an era, the formation of THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS, known as the "South's Finest Show Band." Since the inception of the band, over 3,000 engagements have been played from Virginia to Florida and all throughout the Southeast. South Carolina's Grand Strand has become the band's summer home and their hit single "Myrtle Beach Days" catapulted The Shakers to the top of the Carolinas beach music groups.

Through these 11 years, there have been many memorable engagements, including WBT Radio's 50th Anniversary in front of 30,000 people with the Beach Boys. WBTV was proud to host Spring Fest with The Shakers three different years with over 70,000 people in attendance. Forty thousand fans have attended the Carolina Beach Blast in '87 and '89. The Shakers were host to the grand opening of the Men's Apparel Mart in Charlotte with Vice President George Bush as special guest. There have been many other special appearances such as the gubernatorial inauguration with SC Governor Carol Campbell. The list goes on and on...

The Shakers have won many awards through the various beach music awards associations through the years. This list includes '88 show group of the year, '85 floor show group of the year, and Bo Schronce was named male vocalist of the year in '85.

This Shakers' promotional package will not include an equipment list. We would like to let you know we carry state of the art E.A.W. P.A. that is powered by over 6,000 watts of QSC amplifiers. The lighting system features 16,000 watts of power controlled by NEL multiplex controllers. An ultraquartz spotlight is used to highlight the floor show.

So, you say "what makes The Shakers different?" Personality! Fun! Charisma! From start to finish, an engagement with THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS is on big party. Don't misunderstand, the music is great, the floor show entertaining and hilarious, but The Shakers are here for you to have a good time. Bo and the boys will keep you laughing from start to finish.

What about the floor show? This award-winning floor show is the best in the business. With enough acts to have three different shows, The Shakers will mix and match to always keep you guessing. On any given evening, you could see guest appearances by Tina Turner, James Brown, the Blues Brothers, and the Mean Green Monster from Outerspace, just to name a few.

Special attention is given to appearance, with over $80,000 spent on custom-made wardrobing. Tuxedos are also available for the formal occasion.

What really separates The Shakers from other Carolina-based "beach" groups? The "daddy" frontman. Bo Schronce, without a doubt, is recognized as one of the finest singer-entertainers to ever hit the stage. Bo constantly works the crowd with his zany personality and powerful voice. With Bo's wide vocal range, he is capable of reproducing those hard to duplicate voices such as David Clayton Thomas, Michael McDonald, and Ray Charles among others.

If you want your average and normal band, don't book The Shakers. If you want an incredible evening of fun and fantasy, we'll be there...THE FANTASTIC SHAKERS.
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»  Motown, Soul, Oldies, Beach, Variety