Noel Freidline Quintet

Noel Freidline piano, vocals
Renée Ebalaroza vocals
Sam Skelton saxophone
Al Sergel drumset, vocals
Ron Brendle acoustic bass

*Formed in 1992, the Noel Freidline Quintet is an acoustic jazz band with vocals, firmly rooted in the jazz tradition.

* Class with an Edge: They have developed a signature sound built upon the innovative writing and arranging of Noel Freidline and powered by masterful musicianship, strong vocals (both solo and three-part harmony), an infectious enthusiasm for the music, and a sincere desire to have fun. Very fresh, very creative, and very exciting.

* Artistry plus Entertainment: The Noel Freidline Quintet has successfully embraced the challenge of art vs. entertainment, with one foot firmly planted in each camp, combining a high level of musicality with a strong sense of performance.

* A Real Band: There is no one star in this seasoned ensemble, they are a band in the true sense of the word. Each member is constantly injecting musical ideas into the mix, creating a sound that is paradoxically very structured yet very fluid.
Musical Style:
»  Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Classical