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The best wedding reception entertainers are the ones with plenty of experience playing other receptions. They have learned how to play a wide variety of styles, how to read your guests and build momentum throughout the event. Remember that guests attending will usually be of varying ages, backgrounds and musical tastes. Variety is essential to involving all your guests in the celebration.

Additionally, many of the more professional bands and djs will have experience working in your venue and working with you coordinator. This synergy will make for a smooth day for you without complications. Other things you should expect from your band or dj include:

  • making announcements and introductions
  • talking with you in advance to go over special requests
  • fielding requests from guests at the reception
  • playing ipod or cd music during breaks (some bands even perform as band/dj combinations)

It is a good idea to begin planning at least 8-12 months ahead. We can always find you a band or dj at the last minute. However, starting far ahead assures you plenty of choices for your important day. Certain times of year may also be busier than others. For example, December becomes busier with holiday parties and May becomes busier with other weddings.